Spirit Fest 2022
11 – 14 August

Spirit Fest is a gathering of kindred spirits of all ages to celebrate Life, Love, Community and Unity with ceremony, music, dance, art, workshops and time to chill, heal and bliss out.


We are a dog, drug and alcohol free festival.
Tickets available below and on the Facebook Events Page.
Spirit Fest has always sought to provide nourishing and exciting vegetarian and vegan food. This year is no exception and we have already booked:
The Zu Cafe run by the amazing Martin with a wide range of healthy, tasty and melt in the mouth options from fresh pressed orange juice, stunning salads, veg pasties, veggie burgers, pastries, cakes, kamboocha, snacks, teas and coffee.
The Barmy Baking Birds, Kim and Gemma with cold savouries and sweet items all vegetarian and vegan and some gluten free such as cakes, pastry slices etc.
Daisy’s Raw Cakes. You need to taste these as soon as possible.
The Chai Lounge Cafe. Spirit Fest’s own small cafe with the world’s best Chai, as well as cakes and snacks.
Welcome to ”Amma” or mother in Tamil. A traditional siddha & ayurvedic café designed by healers to heal through both treatments and food. Get yourself a tasty and nutritious meal made with love. Meals include succulent curries, traditional Talis, beautiful herbal Dosas and Indian sweets.

PLEASE BRING CASH AND CARD to Spirit Fest this year as some vendors and workshop hosts may not be able to find a card machine signal at the festival site