Spirit Fest 2022
11 – 14 August

Spirit Fest is a gathering of kindred spirits of all ages to celebrate Life, Love, Community and Unity with ceremony, music, dance, art, workshops and time to chill, heal and bliss out.


Here are just some of the beautiful, transformational workshops and ceremonies, sound journeys and healing experiences we have awaiting you at Spirit Fest 2022.
We are a dog, drug and alcohol free festival.
Tickets available below and on the Facebook Events Page.
Melvyn Carlile

Melvyn Carlile

Melvyn as founder of the MBS London Wellbeing Festival has worked with some of the world’s greatest thought leaders and teachers such as Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Ruby Wax, Teal Swan and many, many more. Now leading industry consultant, Melvyn curates’ wellbeing programmes and teaches a hybrid meditation practice that’s relevant to the modern world we live in.

Workshop details: “MeVolve” Reboot Your Systems

Mevolve is a newly designed system of rebooting your unconscious operating systems and setting up a whole new default position for both your mind and body. Using a unique process of meditation, sound, breath and movement, This intimate workshop will offer you the tools to understand and change the way your mind and body function.
This 2 hours session is not a fix all solution but will introduce you to an exciting new process and the possibilities for change.

Nicola Williams

Nicola Williams

Nicola is a relationships coach and workshop facilitator of 18 years experience.

Workshop Details: “Making Spirituality Practical for Our Relationships”
Being in touch with our spirituality connects us with something greater than us, of which we are part. Seeing that our being is shared with all of life, we are no longer simply stuck in survival mode, endlessly trying to protect ourselves from – and trying to “get” something from – life, and other people. We recognise that love is our essential nature; and that when I hurt you, I’m hurting myself and when I love you, I’m loving myself. So how can we remember this in everyday life? How can our spiritual nature and understanding be expressed in practical ways in our relationships with ourselves, others, the world and life itself? How could it more fully inform and influence the way we treat ourselves and others, feel, think, act, live and love?
“Empowered Relationships: Stepping Off the Drama Triangle”

Nicola is also a singer songwriter and will be sharing songs from her new EP


ÎANÄWA is a medicine music project that weaves prayers from around the world into a colorful patterned sound journey. The origins of Mexico-Colombia and Lithuania give their music different flavors and allow them to merge with the memory of their ancestors. This project was born playing at medicine ceremonies as well as festivals and gatherings, combining ethnic traditions and modern rhythms using instruments from around the world. Their music invites you to celebrate life and reflects the wisdom of our ancestors.

Temazcalli is an old and deep practice of healing from México, and North America.

Workshop Details: Sweat Lodge.
Temazcal represents the womb of our mother earth, and the main goal is to connect with this energy and to work with this powerful medicine called the 4 directions … 4 elements of medicine. Temazcalli is practiced in different ways in different parts of the world and it is a ceremony and practice to awaken our inner warrior and connect with mother’s medicine so we can share it with all our relations.

Nichola Moore

Nichola Moore

‘Come and discover the power and magic of your breath in this deep dive into your inner world using a conscious circular breath, which can lead to a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life – masterfully guided by Nichola and set to powerful music’.

Nichola Moore is a Qualified Clarity Breathwork practitioner and facilitator, a Certified IIN Health Coach & a Certified Reiki practitioner who is deeply passionate about inspiring and supporting others to face lifes challenges head-on through nourishing practices so that they can learn to love themselves better and live their best life. Nichola currently resides in Sussex, England and offers private 1-1 sessions, workshops and residencies as well as collaborating with other health facilitators on world-wide retreats.

Workshop Details: Clarity Breath Work, 5 Elements Ecstatic Dance (using a different breath style for each of the 5 Elements)