Juliette Bryant

Juliette Bryant is a leading figure in the field of health transformation. She has travelled the world seeking out and studying the most effective tools for achieving good health and healing. Juliette has three published books and written countless articles for magazines, newspapers and journals, all arising from her extensive research into healthy living, wellbeing and nutrition.
She offers her professional services as a Nutritional Health Consultant to individuals and groups within both public and business sectors. Her dynamic, intuitive and evidenced presentations are well received, enjoyable and noted for the simplicity and accessibility.
Her website http://www.juliettebryant.com features a wealth of original, free content as well as details of her online courses, mentorship work and an extensive range of superfood blends, tonics and supplements – organically produced using plant-based ingredients and sought by customers the world over.
WORKSHOP. The Medicinal Power of Mushrooms. Talk and Mushroom Ceremony.
The Mushrooms are not psychoactive and those partaking will be asked to pay a small fee to cover the cost of the mushrooms.
In this workshop Juliette will talk about the amazing medicinal power of mushrooms and how we can work with them to increase our health, vitality and wellbeing as well as our spiritual connection. As part of this workshop Juliette will be running a mushroom ceremony.

Laurie Temple

Popular international entertainer Laurie Temple, will be showcasing Sufi Veil Dance, a magical, playful and meditative experience, dancing with colourful silk veils. This technique derives from the Middle East and is very easy to learn. It will be preceded by learning some simple, enjoyable Sufi exercises (similar to tai chi) that help to bring focus and connect with the inner dancer in all of us.

Laurie will also present an hilarious magical family show, suitable for all ages from 3 years to 103 years! The show will include spellbinding magic, comedy puppetry, juggling, slapstick clowning and guitar, with favourite singalong songs!

He will be also be offering a Sufi workshop called Lifedance “The dance of life is the joy of existence“ Rumi.

Healing with Sound in the Bhakyi Temple – Sufi Drumming, Zills (Middle Eastern finger cymbals) and Sufi chanting. These techniques connect one to the spirit or life-force within, bringing a deep feeling of peace, joy and contentment.

Nicola Williams

Nicola Williams

Nicola is a relationships coach and workshop facilitator of 18 years experience.

Workshop Details: “Making Spirituality Practical for Our Relationships”
Being in touch with our spirituality connects us with something greater than us, of which we are part. Seeing that our being is shared with all of life, we are no longer simply stuck in survival mode, endlessly trying to protect ourselves from – and trying to “get” something from – life, and other people. We recognise that love is our essential nature; and that when I hurt you, I’m hurting myself and when I love you, I’m loving myself. So how can we remember this in everyday life? How can our spiritual nature and understanding be expressed in practical ways in our relationships with ourselves, others, the world and life itself? How could it more fully inform and influence the way we treat ourselves and others, feel, think, act, live and love?
“Empowered Relationships: Stepping Off the Drama Triangle”

Nicola is also a singer songwriter and will be sharing songs from her new EP

Duncan Mackintosh

The Alchemy of Presence workshop
‘Out beyond all ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I will meet you there’. Rumi.

African Tales storytelling
Tales from under the Tree of Africa. A selection of traditional African folk tales for children between ages 6 and 106. Life laughter wisdom colour and song.

Nichola Moore

Nichola Moore

‘Come and discover the power and magic of your breath in this deep dive into your inner world using a conscious circular breath, which can lead to a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life – masterfully guided by Nichola and set to powerful music’.

Nichola Moore is a Qualified Clarity Breathwork practitioner and facilitator, a Certified IIN Health Coach & a Certified Reiki practitioner who is deeply passionate about inspiring and supporting others to face lifes challenges head-on through nourishing practices so that they can learn to love themselves better and live their best life. Nichola currently resides in Sussex, England and offers private 1-1 sessions, workshops and residencies as well as collaborating with other health facilitators on world-wide retreats.

Workshop Details: Clarity Breath Work, 5 Elements Ecstatic Dance (using a different breath style for each of the 5 Elements)

Giles Bryant

The Perpetual Choirs, Ley Lines & World Healing ~ Talk by Giles Bryant

Giles will share his insights based on over 20 years of research into the global practice of perpetual choirs. He has been taught by some of the leading experts in understanding sacred sites, ley lines and dowsing and will share stories of his global travels which demonstrate the interconnections of music, healing and consciousness.

Giles founded the World Healing Project 17 years ago, and has travelled the world teaching yoga, giving live music concerts, building peace circles and running workshops and retreats. He has recorded 9 albums of his original music as well as producing for many other artists. His latest album, ‘One World’ by The Perpetual Choirs took 8 years to produce and features artists from around the world. Giles lives with his wife Juliette and 3 children in beautiful rural Suffolk near the St Michael Ley Line.

Barrie Griffin

Barrie Griffin

Sound Healing Meditation with Light Language. An experience with Barrie Griffin at Spirit Fest 2022.

Immerse yourself deeply in the relaxing frequencies of Nepalese Singing bowls, accompanied by light language, as you are gently guided and held in sacred space to simply be, let go and self heal.

Saffron Barley

Vinyasa Yoga and Holistic Massage.

Using Swedish techniques warm oil is applied to the skin to first warm and soothe the muscles then concentrated pressure and focus is applied to those areas where it is needed. Holistic massage works with the body rather than against it when applying deeper tissue work.

Mark Griffin

Foraging and tea tasting ceremony.
Join Mark for foraging walk with tea tasting, offering the opportunity to observe,connect consciously, meet and know how plants and trees are created into food, medicine, teas.
Being aware, we will tea taste from what we all harvest together.
There will be a space to taste wild harvested, personally sourced teas, a tea ceremony, by donation.

Dr Kamaraj

Dr Kamaraj specialises in Integrated Healing Massage which is his own therapeutic combination of Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Reiki. Kamaraj works on meridians and chakras to bring balance and relieve stress on physical, mental and emotional levels. Using this combination of approaches, his aim is to treat a person in all areas so that a powerful and lasting improvement can occur. He has much success in alleviating pain, relieving discomfort and restoring full health and fitness. After Integrated Healing Therapy, people report feeling lighter, brighter and clearer – relaxed but energised on all levels.

Traditional Medicine workshop ~ Ayurveda – The science of life!
This workshop will introduce you to the basic knowledge and how to apply it in your daily life. Understanding the three doshas and seven Dhatus. The interaction of Doshas and Dhatus and self analysis. Whether you are completely new to Ayurveda or have experience in this traditional healing therapy please come and enjoy an afternoon with the very knowledgable and healer, Dr Kamaraj.

Visionary Art

We are blessed once again to have the presence of Clive and Philippa Hedger bringing their Sacred Art Gallery with their own and others visionary art.

Yvonne McGillivray will be present and exhibiting her paintings, one of which is the image for this year’s festival.